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never ending period
msmojorisin posted:
I began my period before christmas. It started normally. I was already on the Paraguard IUD for 4 years with no problems. But my period never ended. It stopped for a week and a half in March which gave my gynocologist time to do a PAP which came back irregular. Butmy period came back after that week and a half and it is now the end of June and I'm still on it. They tried the Depo shot and I recieved the second one at the beginning of June. They were hoping that would help, but there is stillno change. My gyno referred me to a different clinic that has better facilities to run tests but the new place is taking forever to call me back to set up an appointment. I'm really worried. What could this be? I'm only 29 and its scary.
msmojorisin responded:
doesn't anyone have any suggestions?
georgiagail replied to msmojorisin's response:
No, an Internet board does not know any more than your gynecologist who has access to both your medical history and an ability to examine you. The only suggestion we can provide is to keep attempting to contact the clinic to set up an appointment for futher testing to try to determine the cause of this abnormal vaginal bleeding.

msmojorisin replied to georgiagail's response:
was just hoping maybe someone has gone through something similar and could ease my mind a little while i wait for the new place to set up my appointment. thank you though.
Halo64 replied to msmojorisin's response:
I am going through this right now I have been on my period for 2 months. I have never done this before so it is scary. I hope it's all just peri-menopause symptoms. I started Maca Root 4 days ago, and the bleeding is minimal now, so I think it is working, at least I am praying it is. You aren't alone in this!
geni55 replied to Halo64's response:
You may have to have the IUD removed, if it hasn't already been taken out. It's possible it perforated your uterus. But you really need to get into the doctor quickly as there is a number of things it could be
Good luck
For Halo64, there are tests your doctor can run to tell if it is that. I went thru menopause at 45 and I had irregular periods, would stop for a day and then start back, super heavy flow, etc. Again, best diagnosed by a physician
jochner53 responded:
I had paraguard copper iud for two years until the periods got crazy. I was lucky to get a day or two break each month. I then became anemic. After it was removed...within 48 hours my period can stopped & went back to normal.

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