16 yrs of tummy moving!
DianneCee posted:
Really, it's been off and on for 16 years. I have a big gallbladder scar across my tummy and I feel strong movements there once in a while (over my navel). Sometimes a big sneeze will trigger it off. I also have IBS, and that may be the issue with many of the ladies here and they don't know it. Eat corn, bread with sunflower seeds or artificial coloring and it will set me off. I also have been on a different diet and am eating less white flour and sugar if I can help it. Seems that's when my phantom baby kicking started up big time-going through menopause and I'm 53.4! Also use a recumbent bike and that may be adding to it. It kept me awake a lot last night, I got up and found a gas pill and that helped! I wish I had thought of that before 4 am. I also think I have weak stomach muscles as my tummy sags a lot. That and the gas and food/bile movement-yikes!