Cramping, no period, generic Yaz birth control.
iamthegreatevangeline posted:
So, I've been on the pill for years as treatment for ovarian cysts and hormonal imbalances resulting in weight gain and excess hair growth. I started losing the weight after about two years on the pill, along with the hair growth. I have not been checked again for cysts. Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to begin having sex, but I'm on the pill and he used a condom. (He got his "stuff" all over him when he pulled out and tried to take it off.) My period is two weeks late now, and I took two pregnancy tests that came out negative (we had sex a week after my last period ended). Right now I'm having cramps, I assume as they're not really painful, just more of a discomfort. This is how it generally is before my period, but nothing is happening. It's been going on on and off for the past two or three days. I take all my pills everyday, and have been close to regular for a while. I'm getting a little scared and don't have anyone to turn to and talk about it with. What could be going on?
georgiagail responded:
It sounds as if you're about to start your period. Between your use of birth control pills and his use of a condom, pregnancy would be impossible.