When does a UTI equal and ER visit
gr59eg posted:
My wife is receiving antibiotics for a UTI. She has an appointment with a Urologist coming up. However, she has developed lower back pain, chills, and cold hands and feet. Should we go to an ER or wait for the appointment? What are the signs I should watch for that would indicate an ER visit was in order?
thepianoplayer responded:
I experienced an almost silent UTI. I ended up in ICU with a septic condition. Extreme.y scary and dangerous. I would insist to come in if you have chills,etc. don't wait
desire60104 responded:
Hope all is well.
I just had this same experience, I went to the urgent care and because I just had a uti but the doctor that seen me. Told me to go to the ER immediately.
I think your wife should go if it's bothering her,
Take Care