Gail...are you out there??:)
nic14120 posted:
Hi! I am looking for you because you have always been so helpful!! I am 35 yr old female. I have Hashimotos hypothyroid. I am currently on a new dose, but seeking a endo bc I have been needing to adj my meds every month since Jan, and have never had this issue for 20 yrs with hashi! Anyway, I have been having this dull ache in my upper left quardrent,and excessive belching. No typical reflux issues. Dr sent me for a sono and said all was normal except my spleen was enlarged. Never told this before. I asked that they do bloodwork and to check for h-pylori. I went for that questions: do you think the hashi autoimmune disorder being out of whack cohld cause my spleen to enlarge? Also, is it ok to consume a few glasses of wine with an enlarged spleen? My liver was fine. Thank you so much for your time!!