Pregnancy symptoms and what to do
An_252614 posted:
A while ago I lost my virginity, we never used protection. I know terrible decision and we agreed not to do it anymore till we can be more responsible. The thing is now I'm petrified that I may be pregnant. Theres no way I could get my hands on a pregnancy test. Can you please give me symptoms and round about times that I may get them? also if I am pregnant, and Im against abortion but I may have too, are there programs things I could do about it without people finding out?
georgiagail responded:
Home pregnancy tests can be found in most drug stores, Walmarts and even grocery stores (in the medicine aisle).

HIPAA rules require that physicians/medical personnel who perform procedures like abortions respect the patients privacy regarding these matters.

Before you plan one though, you need to find out if you are pregnant first.