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Fishy smell after sex..... can others smell me, too?
ShellJell9 posted:
when my husband and I have sex, I smell like fish afterwards.... After doing a bit of googling, I have learned this is quite normal. But I have some concerns.

(1.) Sometimes, after sex, I don't smell so much like fish, but more like ammonia. Is this normal? I'm talking knock-the-breath-out-of-you ammonia.

(2.) I found out that my husband actually LIKES the fact that I smell like fish after sex. Yes, this is strange. But what's more strange is that he likes for me to continue to smell like fish. Like, he wants his semen to stay inside me and "cook," or just continue to smell like fish. He gets aggravated when i say I feel like I stink and I want to take a bath.I've tried to explain to him that there is this concept called gravity, and that when I stand up, it's all going to drip out of me and I can't help it. But heaven forbid I run to the bathroom after we have sex, because that means I am cleaning up and wiping away all the semen. I am "wasting," so he says. Is this normal? I mean, do other men feel like this? I guess I should be happy with the fact that he doesn't MIND that I smell like fish... but, dang it, I don't like feeling dirty and nasty, either.

(3) If I can smell the fish smell every time I go to the bathroom and pull down my panties, and even when I am sitting and my knees aren't being clamped shut, does that mean others around me can smell my ammonia-fishy smell, too? I stay so paranoid that my coworkers smell me.... That would be soooo totally embarrassing....

HELP! Is there any way to make the smell go away (or at least tone it down) without taking constant showers? I am to the point where I don't want to have sex anymore because I don't want to feel disgusting and dirty and smelly...... but HE doesn't want to have sex with me unless I "save save" and go around smelling like fish all the time. What to do?! How do I secretly get rid of the LEAST to the point I don't worry others smell me....?
georgiagail responded:
1. The ammonia odor is partly due to urine (which contains urea, giving off the ammonia odor). This can be especially noticeably if a small amount of urine and semen mix together in underwear as this region tends to stay moist.

2. Haven't a clue what other men think of this. Sounds like you husband assumes this odor is putting his "mark" on you.

3. Have co-workers commented on the odor? If not, you are likely more aware of this than they are.

Your husband won't have intercourse with you unless you go around smelling ripe afterwards? Sorry honey but something is wrong with that fellow.


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