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Undiagnosed illness
LexusDaisy posted:
Undiagnosed illness-I'll try to make this brief-I'm 50 years old, had first child who is now 23, had second child who is now 17. Both kids are fine. My health was affected 1 month after second child was born. I go into some kind of (drunken stuper) my husband would say. I slurr my words, i loose my balance, i can't sleep normal, I pass out on couch, etc.. This last for 5 days, and then its like a switch I'm back to normal. This has been going on for 17 years, It happens every 17 to 20 days, last for 5 days. we thougt it had something to do with my period. After 7 years I had a partial hysterectomy. That didn't work either. I wonder if anyone else in the world has ever had or seen anything like this. I welcome all coments or discussions. Thank You.
georgiagail responded:
Have you discussed these symptoms with your physician? Been worked up by a specialist (i.e., a Neurologist?).

LexusDaisy responded:
Been to every doctor under the sun, have had every possible test. It's like clock work, it comes every 17 to 20 days. Thanks for your reply.
ladygnome responded:
Suppose you have already seen neuroligical doc or tried different contraceptives? Any reason to suspect migraine ?
Have you already charted lifestyle factors with your symptoms, like going on a choclolate binge just before a period?

While waiting for a physical cure it might be worthwhile using techniques recomended for chronic conditions like depression, chronic pain, m.e. , simply to make those bad weeks more liveable
Good luck and explore other forums as some are more active/spescialist.

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