Short Menstrual Period
An_252711 posted:
My husband and I have recently decided to start trying for another baby and thus far haven't had any luck. I'm not worried about that just yet we've only been trying for 2 months and are still young. I have an extremely regular cycle, every 28 days with the period lasting 5 or 6 days. And with my last 2 pregnancies I knew deep down in my gut before I even missed a period. However, this month I had a very short period lasting only 2 days. I didn't experience any of my normal "pms" symptoms and I don't have that "there's a baby in my belly" gut feeling and the period didn't match the description of implantation bleeding. I'm just really, very curious could this be a pregnancy sign or just a short period?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You could be pregnant. Some women have bleeding that resembles a period in early pregnancy and since it was out-of-charachter for you, it's a possibility
georgiagail replied to diseasefighter's response:
SPAM (and garbage too).

fcl replied to diseasefighter's response:
Ah yes... that magical, miracle, cure-all-gynelogical-issues pill... Why do we even bother consulting a doctor when all we have to do is pop a few of these?