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A little guidance please
An_252712 posted:
My husband and I just started trying to get pregnant this month. I am currently on day 21 of my cycle. I had sex on day 9 and 15. I started having mild persistent cramps on day 11. I thought it was probably ovulation cramps, but it is now day 21 and I am still having the same persistent cramps. My breast have been throbbing since day 16. I was getting worried that something might be wrong if I am pregnant. I had a blood test done on day 21 and it was negative. Am I freaking about nothing? Should I wait to see if my period is late before seeing a doctor? If I where pregnant would I even have symptoms like this so early. I had one healthy pregnancy, and I did not get symptoms this early.
fcl responded:
If you were using hormonal contraception before trying to conceive and stopped them recently, this could simply be withdrawal symptoms.

For pregnancy tests - it takes about 2 weeks after sex for a test to show positive so it would be a little early ...

Again, if you were using hormonal contraception and recently stopped, do not be surprised if your period doesn't arrive when you expect it. Your cycle may take several months to settle back into its natural rhythm.
AngelAmberEyes responded:
I have not used any kind of contraception in well over 2 years.
Yes it probably was to soon to take a pregnancy test. I just wanted to make sure that I did not get pregnant last month. My periods are normally very light and my period last month was 4 days late which is very unusual for me. I thought that it would make more sense if I had gotten pregnant last month because it would explain why I am having symptoms now.
Does it seem weird that I would be having symptoms this early? What I am worried about is if I am pregnant that something may be wrong with the pregnancy. If I have been having cramps for 11 days this early before my period (still 5 days before period) should I be concerned? Thanks!
fcl replied to AngelAmberEyes's response:
It's far too soon to be having symptoms. If you're far enough along to be having symptoms, you're (easily) far enough along to test positive So I'd be looking for other causes of your symptoms.
Hlj0509 responded:
I would wait and see if you get your period. Symptoms can start even before implantation happens or right when it happens. It may be nothing, but it would probably be too soon for tests to show a positive result. Wait it out and if you don't get your period, or you get what appears to be a strange period, retest.
AngelAmberEyes replied to Hlj0509's response:
Okay so I had my last period on time July 19th and it was normal and lasted about 5 days as usual, but I continued to have the same symptoms, tender breast, periodic nausea and cramps. Well my next period was due on August 17th and it never came so I took an at home pregnancy test, which came up positive. What I am trying to figure out is if I could have gotten pregnant in July when I first started having symptoms. Could I have had a period or what seemed like a period and been pregnant? I have heard of this happening to other women, but this did not happen with my last pregnancy.
georgiagail replied to AngelAmberEyes's response:
Yes; it is possible. Every pregnancy is different.

Since conception occurs in the fallopian tubes, the body is unaware of pregnancy until the fertilized egg actual travels down to the uterus and implants. Until then, menstruation can take place.

In addition, some women bleed during the first few months of their pregnancy and assume this is a menstrual period.

Since your test is now positive I'm assuming you will be making an appointment with your OBGYN. It is pretty standard practice for routine testing to help determine the delivery date which should give you a fairly good idea of the date of conception.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


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