Heavy numbness & Soreness around buttocks
writer123 posted:
I'm 46 years old,no children. A few months ago I suffered a sharp pain in my lower body. The pain died down but an intense numbness & soreness has settled in my buttocks and around the anal area. I don't have a problem going to the bathroom; no blood, no pain- bathroom habits have not change. I have sciatica but it's control with physical Therapy. I'm afraid that I may have polyps in my colon. Has anyone else experience this type of situation?
jochristy responded:
Hello, the symptom showing pain in the lower abdomen could be a sign of bad colon health. It may be diverticulitis or hemorrhoids. You have no signs of any discharge of blood in stools and no pain during the passing of bowel movement. This show the condition could be in the initial stage. You haven't specified your diet habit. If you are eating fast and processed foods more, from now try to avoid them and start including the fiber in the diet. Drink adequate water to ease it. It is ideal to follow up with the physician and get diagnosed as a precautionary measure.

Thanks and Best Wishes