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    37yr Old with Acne and Sore Breasts
    sue_bell_76 posted:
    I searched this forum and wasn't able to come up with a similar thread. Also didn't really come up with anything in an internet search.

    I'm going to be 37 in August. About three months ago I started getting acne on my neck, it started just below the ears and then migrated around to the front of my throat. I generally have a dozen or more painful whiteheads at a time and otc acne treaments don't really help clear them up.

    Around that time I also started experiencing noncyclic breast pain (not affected by my period) and I'm not pregnant. It is in the entire breast, not centered in a particular spot, and is not the muscle beneath.

    These are annoying symptoms that I would associate with puberty, but being in my mid/late 30's I'd say that's not the problem. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?
    newgirl2010 responded:
    I can't speak to the acne, but I am roughly your age and inquired about breast pain this morning with my gyno. My pain (well, soreness, actually) is all over both breasts and not associated with my period either. My gyno did not seem concerned. She said if it was in a particular spot, she would be more concerned. She inquired whether or not I was consuming large amounts of caffeine a day. Personally, I am not, but she indicated that could be a reason.

    with respect to the acne...have you had your thyroid checked lately? I have read there is a connection, but not a strong one.
    sue_bell_76 replied to newgirl2010's response:
    I haven't had my thyroid checked, but I think I will bring that up with my doctor. After having my son three years ago my metabolism changed, it's faster. Not complaining about that, but my friend told me that pregnancy can affect the thyroid and that could be why my metabolism is different. I didn't know it could also cause a problem with acne.
    An_252929 responded:
    As to the acne. It could be your hair conditioner if you have long hair and it is touching your neck and shoulders Try not using any. Also, try a different shampoo.

    Maybe your bra size is too small...don't laugh. I gained weight and started having pain in my breasts until I realized my bra needed to be upsized along with my clothes.

    Not medical advise, I know, but worth looking into.
    sue_bell_76 replied to An_252929's response:
    I wish my bra size could be too small. LOL! No I'm actually pretty fit, and - sadly - small chested. The hair conditioner is a good point. Thanks for your response.

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