Increasing water consumption...Ideas Needed!
newgirl2010 posted:
I have been told for years "drink more water" for every complaint i have...dry skin, headache, constipation, etc. So, I decided to really challenge myself and try to get 8 cups of 8 ounces in a day. The problem is...I dislike water. Truly. So, I started to add crystal light in my water and found i could meet my quota! HOWEVER, I have found out that crystal light has citric acid in it which is apparently like brushing your teeth with battery acid. So, I am back to square one. Any ideas? I want a low calorie mix for my water that doesn't hurt my teeth. I have considered just adding stevia or another sweetener.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
How about Kool-Aid? I know they have some sugar but you don't necessarily have to use the whole single-serve packet.
fcl responded:
Try adding a slice of lemon, orange or grapefruit to your glass. Oh wait, they have natural citric acid too

Honestly, I wouldn't be too worried about the citric acid in cristal light (I'd e much more worried about the artificial sweeteners) because it's what is used in many, many, many products to give their flavors a little tartness. The quantity in cristal light is far less than you'd find in a lemon, for instance.
fcl replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Kool-aid has citric acid too ...
Laura__0o responded:
How about tea? Since it is summer you can brew a few bags and make pitchers, it's refreshing and you get your h2o as well! To sweeten make simple syrup and gradually add it so you don't over due it on the calories.