Very important.....
Alexac333 posted:
Hey, I am a 13 year old,Susie Q., and I had a very scary thing happen to me... I am not on any birth control and I am a virgin,but my period only comes 2-4 day out of the year, and one day I coughed and felt blood run down my leg,and when I removed my panties I saw 2 HUGE bloody gel looking sacs... I am scared please tell me what just happened!!!!! I think it's connected to my gallbladder, not sure.
georgiagail responded:
What you likely saw were pieces of the uterine lining that is passed out during menstruation. Some mistake these for blood clots.

Take comfort in knowing that pieces of your gallbladder did not fall out of your vaginal because it cannot do this and especially not through the vagina.

It is also not unusual that in young teens such as yourself a menstrual period schedule will be very erractic for the first couple of years that it starts.