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Having a hard time deciphering where I am in my cycle
corgiempress posted:
Last month, I started the pill just after I ovulated. I got spotting that started June 28th, the day my period would habe been due without the pill. That lasted six days. Then I got a real, normal period that lasted 8 days. When was my true period? How do I count to know when I ovulated? (I am expecting a period this month because I was taken off the pill three days into the new pack due to variant migraines.)
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You probably won't know when you ovulate.
fcl responded:
It's impossible to know when or even IF you ovulated. Also, your period may not come when you expect it because of the three missed pills. Missing pills (for whatever the reason) can really mess up your cycle.
fcl responded:
This is just idle curiosity but ... why is it so important to know where you are in your cycle? Are you aware that the pill stops you from ovulating? And that when you're on the pill you will have a period every month anyway?
corgiempress responded:
I just want to know which of those bleeds was probably my real period.
corgiempress replied to fcl's response:
I never missed any pills. I was ordered off the pills by a doctor. After onky three days of a new pull pack.
corgiempress replied to fcl's response:
I'm just trying to predict when my period will be. I wasn't on the pill long enough this month to prevent ovulation.
fcl replied to corgiempress's response:
I understood that you hadn't forgotten to take the pills but they were missed all the same. This is why your period could happen at virtually any time, I'm afraid. I think all you can do is be patient ...

I like your screen name, by the way

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