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Very confused!
An_252938 posted:

I recently had a blood test done to check for a hormonal imbalance, on day 27 of my cycle. I am late for my period, so I'm on day 37 now, but I have been very regular (like clockwork!) for the past six months after coming off the birth control pill (so my late period is probably a blip).

My results showed a high LH and a normal FSH (LH = 41.8 u/L, FSH = 6.4 u/L), and the doctor basically told me that I have PCOS! On my result documentation, it states that LH levels are higher during mid-cycle, 14 days before a period. I was on day 27, so I wasn't at my mid-point, but I guess I feel like I was now as I'm still waiting for my period! I also suspected a late ovulation this month as I experienced a few physical signs. Anyway, I'm getting a little worried, as I've done a lot of research (as I was not happy being sent away with such a poor consultation and little knowledge), and I keep coming across the day 3 rule (blood should be taken at day 3 of period to detect correct levels). Should I have had my test done at this point?

I'm also worried that my high lH levels are a result of coming off the pill (I was on it for three years, came off six months ago) - but again, the doctor didn't explain that this may be the cause. I need to schedule an ultra sound scan in a couple of weeks to determine whether or not I do have PCOS. I'm only 21 and very confused, as I haven't had my hormones tested before, and I'm not sure if it could be PCOS.

I have very regular periods (aside this odd blip), I am underweight and suffer from problems trying to gain weight, and my periods are nor light or heavy (they do drag out for 10 days at a time, though). I am not the usual suspect for PCOS, therefore I haven't given it a lot of thought and I'm not sure I'm convinced. The only reason I wanted a blood test is because I am suffering from bad acne (crept in during my last year on Yasmin, got worse when coming off it), and night sweats, which lead me to believe that I may be suffering from a hormonal issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated, as I have to wait for quite a while until I am back in my student home town to schedule a scan, which might not be for another few weeks!


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