Heavy menstrual cycle and shredded lining
Jen3812 posted:
Hi, I have just come on today and yet again another heavy period I am using always night time heavy period pads, and I have already changed this 5 times in 8 hours. My first and second day is always very heavy but the last 3 or 4 periods I have had I have she'd what I think is my uterus lining is this normal? My periods are very painful the first couple of days and I have never taken any birth control pills, I'm 22 5ft 5inch and 8st 9lbs in weight, the scariest hing about the shedding of what looks like the lining is the fact that it is quite tough about half a mm thick,

Sorry for being graphic
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, seeing parts of your uterine lining is normal since that's what's shed during your period.

As for your heavy bleeding, have you seen a doctor? Heavy bleeding can be a sign of fibroids. I had them and I used to change a super plus tampon every 90 minutes.