Std or not? What do you think?
diseasefighter posted:
This is hard to say.. But i think i might have an std here is why.. About 4 years ago i had un protected sex with a guy that i later found out he had stds ( i don't know if he had it when he was with me) i feel this little bumps on my vagina but i can never see them..i I dont really have any other symthoms. The reasson why I dont go to a doctor is because i dont have a car and i am a cowardor something because I can't tell my parents to take me..
georgiagail responded:
And what do you think an Internet board can do for you except encourage you to consider getting tested?

Keep in mind that the inside of the vagina is normally "bumpy/ridgy" (remember it has to expand to push out a baby during childbirth) so that alone is not a good way to diagnose an STD.