pcos ....reply please please please
smarty12 posted:
hello[br>i am 28 years old .i am married and have two kids .of age 5 and 3 .I was having hair loss for last 6 to 7 months and doctor send me for some blood tests including thyroid , insulin ,b12 ,and lh/fsh[br>.i was having my periods 4 or 5 days delayed every month from the past 1 year.but that pattern of periods became a routine and i expected my periods to be late a couple of days later than the last menstruation date every month. [br>My all other test results came normal except lh/fsh. The worrying thing is my ratio of lh/fsh. My fsh level is 6.7 and lh level is 16.8.Doctor said that it might be the case of pcos.[br>my overall health is good and i am in healthy weight and i am not over weight.
currently i am having copper coil for contraception from the past 3 years .i just had heavy bleeding in my periods because of that coil and i did not get any other problems with the coil .
what do you think of this ratio of lh/fsh? is it a high ratio and what should i do ?and does this ratio indicate just a pcos or it can be a sign of something else?and could this be because of copper coil.?[br>i will get an appointment for the scan but until then this thought of having pcos and its effects are making me crazy.[br>can you please reply me what do you think of this situation.[br>thanks.
georgiagail responded:
Yes, it is possible that you are facing PCOS:

No; these labs values are not because of your copper coil.