female trouble
pkagj posted:
For the past two years I have been going months without a period, then haven a cycle for 4 to 6 weeks before stopping. This last cycle however was diffrent, the bleeding was heavier and more clots with pain. I went to my family dr. who ran a cbc and told me I had become anemic due to the blood loss she then refered me to a ob dr. My ob dr. did and ultra sound and found a cyst on my left overy, she said the lining of my utrus was thickened and my uturus was enlarged. She did a biopsy and I am now waiting on those test results. I am unsure of what all is going on should I be worried about cancer?
georgiagail responded:
Yes; endometrial cancer is one answer although there can be other reasons for a thickened uterus lining.

Attached is a good article that discusses thickened endometrial lining:


Anon_6061 responded:
If you're in perimenopause, irregular cycles with heavy, prolonged bleeding are pretty common due to the sporadic ovulations caused by the lack of progesterone. This typcially causes a thickened lining that usually thins out on its own over time. Hopefully, if yours needs to be treated, all you'll need is a progestin or progesterone.

Birth control pills can be very effective during peri to keep the lining thinned out and the periods manageable. (This holds true for other conditions associated with lack of ovulations such as PCOS.)