bleeding post hysterectomy
mitcheltech posted:
In 2011 I had a partial hysterectomy with a bilateral ovary removal, my cervix was left because the procedure was laproscopic, I had a large amount of chocolate endometriosis, the procedure took 7hrs to complete. My obgyn moved so now I am without one and I am having vaginal bleeding. Should I be concerned? I have a new obgyn but her office doesn't open until after labor day.
georgiagail responded:
It would be a good idea to get this looked into medically.

Anon_6061 responded:
Definitely get this checked out but since you have your cervix, you can bleed Even though your ovaries were removed, if you still have some endo and/or are taking estrogen, that can stimulate any uterine tissue on the cervix causing you to bleed.