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Twenty-five-year-old and Never Been With a Man: How are Things Going to Be Different With Me?
personalias posted:

I'm a twenty-five-year-old virgin woman. I understand that this is sort of an anomaly nowadays, which makes it hard for me to get resources about the way my body functions and what my normal should be. I also wonder if there are many other women out there who face this dilemma, because virginity is often the choice of religious individuals, and yet people are waiting longer than ever to get married. I don't think there's any point in history to really compare this phenomenon to.

Now, I understand that this is just me being irresponsible for my health, but I've never been to an OBGYN (I'm probably not the only sexually unactive woman out there who has taken this type of medical doctor for granted). I've noticed, however, that my mood swings, weight gain, and acne start about a week before, yes, ovulation. What is going on with my body??? What other things should I look for? This is all one big question-mark for me. Thanks for your time!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I hate to say it's "just" your hormones but that's pretty much what it is.
ShelbyGT21 responded:
I am the exact same. Waiting until my marriage to my wonderful fiance this year and I am 24.

Like PP said, it's pretty much the same for every woman. I crave so many foods, break out and sometimes gain weight because of being bloated.
Dbenz2usa responded:
It is hormones but you can do something about it. There are natural, organic products you can pick up that will help you balance that out. In doing so, not only will the mood swings even out, so will the clarity of your skin.
ymmasri responded:
You are absolutly normal. U can be virgin and this will not affect your sexual life now or later. Weight gain is a different thing that is related to food intake and activities. Acne is related to hormonal activity and face hygen . you can enjoy your life in different ways other than intercourse ( I think you understand ). Being a nice girl I wish you a nice time & love will come to you unexpectedly.

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