pelvic pain
An_253117 posted:
38 yrs female, height- 5feet3 inches, wt- 60-62 kgs. BP= 100/74. right pelvic pain,, sharp pain started 7 months back, since then pain comes and goes, have done several tests- urine, stool, sugar, thyroid, ca125, pap, ultrasound, CT, MRI - no diagnosis.-only bulky uterus. shivers/chills with mense cramp often, pain radiates to right leg, buttock, and waist. menstruation - mostly on time, at times delays upto 10 days. but flow is normal, slight discharge during mid month or few days before mense, no other abnormalities noted. weight has been more or less same. appetite good. no problem in passing urine or stool. no chills after urination. ultrasound and Ct shows normal abdomen and appendix. but pelvic pain keeps returning. it is dull mostly but sometime sharp at the same point where it first started. chills/ shivers is usually felt while sleeping so sometimes take ibrufin or paracitamol before bed. sometimes with chills i feel nauseous.
i am depressed due to not knowing my problem. please help.