thyroid problems?
newgirl2010 posted:
As a part of a general physical, I had my thyroid checked via blood draw (about a month or more ago). It was normal. At my dentist visit today, the dentist noted that i had a pronounced thyroid...but said it was probably just because I was very thin and had a longish neck. now i am nervous. If my blood test came out normal, could I still have something wrong with my thyroid? and is it true some people have more pronounced thyroids, and that doesn't mean there is a problem?
georgiagail responded:
If your blood test is normal, your thyroid is normal.

newgirl2010 replied to georgiagail's response:
Thank you, Gail. But is it possible to have a tumor or nodule on my thyroid (either benign or malignant) that may not affect my thyroid tests, but is obviously cause for concern?
Anon_6061 replied to newgirl2010's response:
Yes, you can have a tumor, nodule, goiter on your thyroid and still have a normal TSH and other non-antibody thyroid levels.

Do you know if your doctor included thyroid antibody tests in your labwork? Those typically indicate if you have a growth. This link explains that - . This article has a lot of info on thyroid problems -