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Please help. Blood tinged discharge and pelvic pain.
Naejakire posted:
Hi there.

I really need some kind of answer or potential explanation for what is going on with me.

Ive had very regular, albeit unusually painful, periods since i started way back when i was 11 years old. Never once have i spotted mid cycle or really any time that wasnt my menstruation, not even during pregnancy 4 years ago.

Two weeks ago, my period started and it quickly became the worst cramping i have ever felt in my life. I went to the ER as soon as i started to pass out from the pain. They did a pelvic exam and found no infections. They sent me home with pain meds and it got better after aday. It was HORRIBLE. Worse than childbirth.

Now, two weeks later into my 35 day cycle, i went to the bathroom and saw the regular mucousy midcycle disharge upon wiping, but it was light brown. Soon after, i got a sudden stabbing pain in the area of what i assume to be my left ovary. It got worse with time to the point where i couldnt move or talk. Any movement would make it worse and i felt a fullness in that area. Hours later, it pretty much subsided. This was last night.

Today, i still had the brown tinged discharge but also, just now, discharge with streaks of red along with pelvic pain and nausea.

I feel ill in general, perhaps from thr stress and trauma of the pain.

Im just really freaked out because i have never spotted. My ovulation has always been totally painless and symptomless save for the egg white like discharge around that time.

Anyone know what this could be? Thank you so much.
georgiagail responded:
No; although one might suspect a possible ovarian cyst.

Instead of going to the ER, a better choice would be to make an appointment with a gynecologist to discuss this pain and discharge.

An_253306 responded:
If you are sexually active, I would also check for a Tubular pregnancy. It occurs when a fertilized egg attaches inside the Fallopian tube. It causes severe abdominal pain, and if not treated quickly, internal bleeding.
g_wehling responded:
I lived with hard abdominal pain through my periods. They put me on the pill and I went away. The end of the story was I had severe endometriosis which had gone on the outside of the tubes. Ask your GYN about that possibility.

Gail W
monikasychra responded:
Did you get an ultrasound of your ovaries? I had an ovarian cyst which felt like that and then when I was booked to have it removed, it had ruptured and was gone with all that pain.

I had a D&C for the midcycle breakthrough bleeding and then when I got older after 50, I got the D&C and ablation. I wanted a hysterectomy but they kept saying my periods would stop soon in menopause but my blood work said different. I thought that since I started my period at 11 I would finish early but at 52 I had my period every day for a year, was close to anemic, I was eating liver every day to get my iron up (couldn't handle the pills hurt my guts too much), eating everything to try to bring my iron up, I was so fatigued and couldn't remember things all because my iron was low. Had to see 3 gynecologists, should've seen a man, none of them would give me a hysterectomy but yet my younger girlfriends got them with less symptoms than mine. So if your first doctor doesn't do anything, see another and another. Good luck.

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