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Depo Shot
Anon_146410 posted:
Yes, I read up on the depo shot and it's horrible side affects before I got it, but I really wanted to get rid of my period so I did it. I am on my 2nd shot. I was spotting alot, still am, so I was using mini pads. Grabbed scented pads by mistake and it's like I can't get over that irritation. I had a mild yeast infection and was giving the pill you take to get rid of it a few times over the next 2 months. Than my symptoms really were just burning when I urinated and sometimes after sex. Like I was really rubbed or something and sore. I went to my OB after my family Dr said I should try asking what to do there. She gave me a cream and said to use that for 7 days because there was nothing going on inside, just red and raw on the outside. Probably still from the pads I got that were scented. However I did stop using them and went to a brand that said unscented, I felt they still were causing issues and looked them up and the ingredient that they had in them to help with odor was also causing problems with people. SO!!!! I stopped using them and used the cream and really felt good. Now for the last 2 days I have had the burning slightly. I would say the first time it was like a 15 (on a scale of 1-10). The last few episodes were like a 2 or a 3. But it's has me paranoid that it will continue and only get worse! And considering nobody seems to think there is anything wrong, I am just using the cream again.

So, last night I decided to search the depo shot and burning symptoms and came up with alot of people who said it burns for them during/after sex at times and when they go to the bathroom. They thought it was even 30 days after their shots that was worse...and you know what, it's been 30 days since my 2nd shot.

It's like I can't pinpoint what the cause is for sure to do anything about it. I want to get rid of my crazy horrible period and now I have created all other kinds of issues. Do I stop the shot or do I wait it out and see if it is still from the scented pads?

What a roller coaster. And what dr do I go to see if I want to talk to them about it. They all sorta seem to think it's NOT the depo shot and nothing else is really wrong.......

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