spironolactone and pregnancy>>> help please!!!
manu15 posted:
hi I'm 22 years old, I was taking spironolactone. I took it for 3 weeks and I stopped two weeks ago. I had sex without protection, my question is that how long it would take for the spironolactone to be out of my body and if there is any risk for the baby? i'm scared and I really need help
georgiagail responded:
I suppose the first question should be are you sure you are pregnant.

newgirl2010 responded:
When was the unprotected episode? if it has been within 72 hours, you can take Plan B of Next Step (same thing) to help protect against possible pregnancy.

As far as how long to wait. Definitely consult your gyno...he/she would have that information. All I could find is that you should definitely stop taking it...one site said six weeks prior to conception...another site said as soon as you find out you are pregnant. If you just had the unprotected sex (it takes about a week to conceive and implant)...you already have three weeks clean from the drug. That is assuming the unprotected episode leads to pregnancy.

Gail: out of curiosity...considering all the warnings i have read about this drug and pregnancy, why does it have only a category C FDA pregnancy rating?