9 days on period. Is something wrong?
An_253788 posted:
I have had my period now for 9 days. The first 4 days was very light brownish blood. The 5th day was bright red but then stopped later on that day until the next day during the evening where I had the bright red blood. The 7th day was just spotting. The 8th was light red color but then stopped to spotting and switch to light flow at night. It's now day 9 and it's red light flow. I'm 31 years old. There is no possible chance that I am pregnant. Is there something wrong? I don't have medical insurance and can not get help from government for assistance. I'm really stressing from this and it's affecting my work and life from the stress of what's going on.

Sorry for tmi
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Is there a Planned Parenthood near you? They offter low-cost GYN services.