Dispirited posted:
I need some advice. I had a Mesh implant and because of complications had to have it removed. During the procedure the doctor had to make a decision to cut my rectum to remove the entire Mesh. This was in Jun of this year. I was not as fortunate as most of you who have posted; I have fecal matter coming into the vaginal area. How horrifying! I had complication and infections in my lower intestine several times during my recovery; which caused me to have diarrhea and made matters worse. I did finally recovery going a few months w/out any issue, but still having the fistula issue. My doctor discussed w/ me about a repair and scheduled it for mid. sept. I jumped on it because I knew I couldn't live like this, so I had it done. I am now in recovery once agin, now in hopes this procedure worked. I have read a lot of material in the last two weeks on repairs of Fistulas and most of what I read was to give the fistula time to repair by itself, a minimum of 6 months. Does that mean that my chances are slim for full recovery and repair because the area isn't sturdy enough to hold a stitch. I can't live like this. My mental state is not in a good balance right now. Could use some advise or support.