strange period
ailles13 posted:
My periods are usually regular, and heavy. With this one, there was brown spotting/discharge for three days (two before it was supposed to start) and then I saw some red blood yesterday, and today it is like a normal period for me. I am very bloated,and gassy, and there are no cramps now, but my back aches now and then. Also would like to note that this brown discharge made an appearance last month too, however it was only when I wiped and my period started on schedule. These are the only two times this has occured and my partner and I are clean for STDs. I am not on the pill, I do not take any medications or have any conditions (not anemic, don't have high blood pressure or diabetes). I am concerned it could be an ovarian cyst, but there is no pain. Is brown disharge sometimes just...normal? even if you haven't experienced it during other cycles?