Excessive bleeding and clotting during menstruation (for 10 days)
MMCMooshi posted:
Last month I had a very light period, and this month, I have had a very long, very heavy cycle. Days 3-7 were extremely heavy with a lot of clotting. My cycle is normally 5-6 days and I am now on day 10, and still seeing some clotting. I have fibroids - might this be related to the fibroids? I only have emergency medical insurance right now, so I wanted to know if this is something I should get in to see the doctor about right away, or if it could wait until the new year and my new medical insurance.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Definitely could be the fibroids. When I had them, I would go through a super plus tampon in 90 minutes or less. If the bleeding and clotting continues, you run the risk of becoming anemic. If there is a Planned Parenthood near you, they have low-cost GYN services.