endometrial ablation i.e. balloon therapy
lauriekate posted:
I had endometrial ablation procedure carried out in June 2013, when waking up from the procedure the pain in my back was dreadful. Like the labour pains I endured on the birth of my first child. Three and a half months on I am still enduring this back pain which starts in my lower back and moves to my right hip and then down my leg as far as my knee. When I mentioned this to my g.p. she just looked at me and asked me did I walk or swim. I am due to return to the hospital on 27 November next and I am delighted to have researched this website and see that other women have also experienced back pain since this procedure. I am 52 years of age and still having my periods. The pain gets worse 10 days before my period and also if I do anything like lifting shopping, gardening and hoovering. Some days I cant even bend to put my socks on, or if I drop anything on the floor it takes me all my time to bend down and pick it up. On doing my research on this site I know I am not alone and I am quite angry with my g.p. as I feel she thinks I am making things up. Any feedback would be appreciated
darlyn05 responded:
I had the electrical variation of ablation, and as well upon wakening I had severe back pain.My back pain was attributed to my back problems which also include central canal and neuroformina stenosis. And the electrical currents aggravated these nerve impingements. I had to see an Orthopedic Spine Specialist/Surgeon to get the MRIs and x-rays correctly and properly read to determine the cause. Hope this helps.