Heavy Period 3 times in 1 month
An_253930 posted:
I have had my period 3 times in one month, I'm not sure weather it's because I have taken the morning after pull to often, but my symptoms are servers cramping, heavy period, back pain, leg pain, tired all the time, and loss of appetite. I'm 20 years old with a 19 month old little boy. I am not on a regular pill or contraception. But I feel there is some thing wrong just can't pin point it?
georgiagail responded:
You are not having your menstrual period three times in one month.

You are having abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Can this be due to your taking the morning after pill too often? Perhaps. Why are you taking this so frequently? If you are having unprotected sex so frequently that you need this, then you need to be on some type of regular birth control.

There can, however, be other, serious medical issues for abnormal vaginal bleeding. In addition, you being tired all the time with a lack of appetite is worrisome for severe anemia due to all of this blood loss. It is best that you get this looked into medically. While there, you can discuss getting on some adequate birth control.