PMS Mood Swings Help!
nicnicnic98 posted:
Hi there,

I am a healthy 21 year old in need of some help and/or advice; and I figure what a place to get it!

So I keep track of my period on the Period Plus app from the Apple iTunes store; and I have noticed some patterns.

Before keeping track, I always noticed I would get crazy emotional during the month pretty regularly. And by crazy emotional, I mean I get borderline like deep depression, suicidal-thoughts. But a few days later I am fine.

With the app, I realized these cry-fest, deep emotional mood swings come on these green little fertile dots.

So my question is why is this happening? I'm assuming it's hormonal. If that is the case, I have tried birth control (Yaz) to try and regulate the up's and down's; but it did not help.

So I am just at a loss as to why I am like this, and more importantly, how to fix this.

Thank you so much in advance.
georgiagail responded:
You may need to try several different hormone containing birth control pills to determine if one might help with these mood swings. For some women these are connected with ovulation and since birth control pills do not allow ovulation, mood swings may improve.