Douche during your period?
An_253960 posted:
Is there anything wrong with douching during your period? I am in pre-menopause, done having kids, hubby had a vasectomy years ago, I use to have horrible periods. I noticed if I douche one time on the first or second day the rest of the days only have a little spotting and no cramps. Seems like a good deal as long as there is no huge health risk.
georgiagail responded:
Douching anytime is often not recommended. The vaginal tract has bacteria. Douching increases the risk of forcing this bacteria right up into the uterus. The result can be a uterine infection.

tlkittycat1968 responded:
In addition to what Georgagail said, douching upsets the flora balance in the vagina and that can lead to infection, not just of the uterus but of the vagina as well.