sickness and diarrhoea
An_254046 posted:
For the last 2 and a half months ive had sickness and diarrhoea at least one day of the week, sometimes 3 times, in between this ive had a gurgly stomach and bad cramps when eating, the doctors told me to drink fluids and flush it through but it hasnt worked can u give me some advice please
georgiagail responded:
This sounds like you've become sensitive to certain types of foods. Have you considered keeping a food diary to determine if certain groups of foods trigger this.

I once had an older lady come to me complaining that EVERY morning she had a bout of bad diarrhea that caught her off guard so quickly she sometimes had accidents if she didn't find a bathroom right then and there. She kept a food diary for a week and looking at it she ate the same breakfast every morning; a bowl of cold cereal and milk. As a dietitian it was almost too easy to diagnose what the problem was. She had become lactose intolerant; her body was now lacking the enzyme to break down the sugar found in milk. We switched her breakfast to something else and within one day her symptoms improved.

Your first step would be to see if you can narrow these symptoms down to a specific group of foods; in not, then it's time to make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist.