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Jane: Clotting tissue only/abnormal period, r/o pregnancy?, extreme fatigue
jk5493 posted:
Hi there,

I will first-off preface this with background info. I do regularly see my doctor and will discuss this with her at my next visit; however, I'm just wondering about what's possibly going on right now. I'm a healthy 20 year old, exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet with variety. I'm on a couple of medications for PCOS and asthma. I take LoEstrin FE 28.

My period typically starts on the Saturday following the last pill I take on Wednesday. I started out just being more tired than I typically am (I slept most Wednesday and all of Thursday, into Friday late morning). Fatigue has been super bad. On top of that, I've been somewhat sick to my stomach, but nothing I'm not used to feeling fairly often. But, I started getting pretty uncomfortable with cramping and pressure on Thursday. Friday night, I had faint spotting with bad cramping. But, it subsided by the end of the night. Saturday morning, I assumed things had started back up; however, all I have had is lots of clotted tissue and such but no blood. There is a chance that I could be pregnant; however, I think considering the fact that I'm clotting would indicate that I'm most likely not at this point in time. Aside from the clotting, this period is just faint spotting and it's not typical period blood and red... it's just brownish spotting (yes, I know that's indicative of 'old blood' - with PCOS and being an intern/employee in the hospital and private practice atmospheres, I'm well educated).

I guess I am just wondering why my period is so out of wack if I am on sconsistent hormones month to month. I guess it's just a play-it-by-ear thing at this point. Is there anything I should consider doing? I take b12 already because I found out this summer that I'm pretty deficient (despite my lifestyle and daily vitamin intake) and I am also on a VitD supplement (my body doesn't absorb D very well for some reason). So, as far as supplements that could possibly explain me feeling this way, I've got those covered (outside of iron, but I've always had a high hemoglobin and hematacrit). Any suggestions? Can I r/o the possibility of pregnancy if I've gotten my 'period' on time?

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