An_254475 posted:
Im in my teens, me and my boyfriend had sex tonight and i have been expecting my period, i was about 1/2 days late and it wasnt out of the ordinary. During the last minutes of sex it started to hurt very bad, i felt like i was getting punched, but didnt stop because i thought it could just be normal rough sex, anyways after he turned the light on and there was blood all over the condom. I dont know if something is wrong that was triggered by sex or if i just got my period? i need help fast im worried and not sure what to do about this:(

ps. 2 hours later still no period cramps, just blood
fcl responded:
The pain was because he was going too deep and hitting your cervix. Rough sex is one thing, pain is another. I don't think you have anything to worry about but you might hurt for a few days due to possible bruising. Next time tell him not to pound so hard...