amie23 posted:
On November 17th I was supposed to get my period ( I am never late).
Instead of getting my period, I got what I thought was UTI. I have had one before and it was all the same symptoms. I did not seek treatment.
I took two home pregnancy tests, both came back negative.
I went to the hospital November 25th (still no period) for the pain of my UTI.The hospital said I didn't have a UTI and that I wasn't pregnant... I am not sure if they used my blood or a urine test.
I still don't have my period and that makes me 14 days late. I am concerned. Anyone have a solution to my problem or maybe know what is going on?
georgiagail responded:
(Maybe you're just spotting).

Seriously, you may simply have skipped ovulation this month and without ovulation there will be no menstruation that cycle. This happens to most women at least once (and often more than once ) during their reproductive lifetime. No particular reason for this happening.