ovaryian cyst
An_254567 posted:
am 44 and have been diagnosed with a ovarian cyst today , it measures 3 cm by 3 cm .. about 3 months ago i had a 40 day period and took hormones to help stop it and then on the 19 th of the next month i started as usual just spotted for abou 6 days ..today i went back for a f/u and ultrasound and they found the cyst,,she said i was n the midlle of my cyle she thinks and wants me back on 1-13-14 for another u/s and to c if i have had my period on time also she said i had uterine thickning..what does all this sound like
Anon_6061 responded:
Monitoring sounds like a very reasonable plan for both the cyst and the thickened lining. 3cm is not that large and most cysts resolve on their own. Uterine thickening oftentimes resolves on its own too.