Endometrial ablation?
An_254568 posted:
I had an endometrial ablation back in 2011 at age 48 after suffering for over 5 years with very heavy periods. I will be 51 next month and have basically had no period for the past 2 1/2 years. In October 2013, I started having very light spotting (like a the beginning or end of a normal period) only wearing a light days pad when necessary and I'm hoping that this doesn't turn into a regular period again as I have been enjoying my freedom of not having to worry about heavy periods for such a long time. I guess only time will tell but should I head back to my OBGYN and see what's going on? I was there this summer and had blood tests done and he indicated that according to the results I am just at the very beginning stages of menopause. Does anyone know from experience if this happens?
Anon_6061 responded:
This can happen with ablation. Periods can stop for a long period of time and then start back up. This can make it hard to know if it is post-menopausal bleeding that requires investigation (even though most cases of post-meno bleeding are nothing serious).