Pregnancy with an enlarged spleen
nic14120 posted:
I was seen by my primary in June for left upper quardrent discomfort. Treated and eraticated h-pylori. He did a sono prior to the labs and it showed a mild spleen enlargement of 13cm, when it should be 12 in women. They told me not to worry because it's so mild. I had my pysical yesterday and said we have been trying but the discomfort has returned, in waves. A dull ache under left breast. He said some people have a enlarged one, dont let it alter my plans. Found out last night i'm pregnant with my 3rd! Im trying to be excited, but scared because i have two kids I need to be well for! I do have Hashimotos hypothyroid and during the sono period I have bern battling getting my thyroid levels good. Not sure if the autoimmune disorder can affect this. Is there a great danger to my health or that of the baby, with being preg and an enlarged spleen? They never did any bloodwork bc they said not to worry about it. I wabt to enjoy this, but feel so scared!!
georgiagail responded: you have been told, many have a slightly enlarged spleen (and without testing, most are totally unaware of this) and this poses no problem during a pregnancy. You may very likely have had the same thing during your first two pregnancies.

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