Uterine Cysts?
An_254587 posted:
I've been on birth control for about two and a half months. The first four weeks I felt very sick. Then I felt good for about two weeks. For the last four weeks, I have had bad cramping and spotting every day. Today I went to the bathroom and something weird came out of my vagina. This is embarrassing and gross, I am sorry. It's fleshy and bloody and it seems as if there was a sac within a sac. Is this a ruptured cyst? Should I be very worried? I have never had issues with my periods, except that I could only predict the onset of bleeding within a 6 day window. Other than that, bleeding was always only four days long and I usually had very minimal cramping. What is going on here? I have a picture of the assumed cyst, but I won't publicly post it because it's gross. I have the feeling that posting the picture would be rude and against some sort of terms of use.
Anon_6061 responded:
Maybe a uterine cast?