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movements in stomach
haley1017 posted:
I was needing someone's opinion. Im having movements in my lower stomach. It feels as if a baby was pushing against my stomach and gliding across my stomach. It also feels as if a baby was balling up in one spot and it feels tensed up in that area. This has been going on for almost 4 days. Ive taken test and they have been negative. Im on depo,and do not have periods. I frequently urinate,having really weird cravings,and having some tiredness. I have read that depo can lower your estergen levels so low it wont show on pregnancy test. If you have any opinions,please let me know what you think. Thank you!
georgiagail responded:
The idea of being of this injection is to prevent ovulation which, in turn, avoids pregnancy. Therefore, if you are not having menstrual periods, you are not ovulating and pregnancy is not an issue.

Pregnancy tests do not check for estrogen. Pregnancy tests check for a specific hormone that is released when implantation occurs that has nothing to do with estrogen.

There was, at one time, a long posting going on here from women who were experiencing movements in their stomach yet were not pregnant. This is not unusual and might often be caused by food, liquids and/or gas moving through the small intestine (remember you've got at least 20 feet of small intestine in the human body). In addition, one would not feel fetal movement early in a pregnancy; it is typically not until many weeks into the pregnancy before this starts.


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