Confused on how my body works! Please I need HELP!!
byulah_7 posted:
I'm 22 and had irregular periods since first stopping depo shot in 2009. I went thru two shots then I stopped and got back on depo November 2012 and my last shot was July 11,2013. During my second time on depo my periods has been VERY LIGHT to brown spotting. Since stopping depo I've only spotted a few times here & there from September 8th-27th 2013. My husband & I are not trying to have a baby but we're not preventing it either. We don't use any form of protection. I'm really concerned about what's going on because I've been having nausea, I threw up once so far, cramping and back pain. I've had this weird tingling in my uterus, constipation, & VERY GASSY. I've had brown spotting December 7th-8th so I took a pregnancy test on December 10th & 13th and it was negative. Now I'm having brown spotting again (December 20th) along with the symptoms. If there's any information you can help me with I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thank you!!!