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HELP!. heavy bleeding more than twice in a month!
An_254838 posted:
had a baby about 7 months ago.. it was a rough pregnancy.. but afterwards things seemed ok. i had had to be put on bedrest and had gone to a mojor hospital at 26 weeks bc we thought she was coming. so my hospital sent me away. i had taken steroids to help with her lungs in case she was born early. she ended up staying inside for a while longer but she was still born a month early. then after we left the hospital with her things seemed ok once again.. but about a week after she was born i started hurting really bad in y tummy.. it was terrible pain and i couldnt quit puking. i hadnt ate anything but couldnt stop throwing up. so i went to a dr who sent me to the e.r... i had to have immediate surgery and have my gall bladder removed about a week after she was born. i had the bleeding they say comes after pregnancy. then i was having 2 periods a month for a while, then it all straightened out. i had one normal period a month like i was supposed to. however, the past 2 months have changed.. last month i had 3 periods. and this time im already on my second. i started my period december 17. and it ended about the 23rd. however i woke up this morning on december 28 and am bleeding again. last month iwas so weak and sick and sleepy.. i was very irritable too.. but i hoped it would allgo away.. i plan on going to the dr next week.. but i was just wondering what this could be... please help me..
georgiagail responded:
You are not having two and three menstrual periods a month. You are having abnormal vaginal bleeding that has nothing to do with menstruation.

Please get this checked out medically. Now. The fact you were so weak and sick and sleepy is an excellent indication you had become very anemic from all of this blood loss and this can be quite life threatening.

azjah_hinkley replied to georgiagail's response:
thank you... i plan on going to the dr.. but i know that with like getting a pap smear done.. they cant do anything if youre on your period.. so i guess i have to wait until it stops.. i just dont know whats wrong.. i was hoping somebody would know kinda what is going on..
georgiagail replied to azjah_hinkley's response:
You're not on a period. And no one here can tell you why you are having this abnormal vaginal bleeding. There are tests that can be done that might help pinpoint the reason for this bleeding. In the meantime, if anemic, treatment for this can be started.


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