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Heavy periods for 15 days every two weeks
An_254873 posted:
I have been getting my period for 12-15 days since Oct 2013. Once they are finally over, I get them again within 2 weeks. It is stressing me out so much!!!! I went to the doctor, all tests came out normal. I'm not on any birth controls, and don't want to me either. I am back on my period and it is the 3rd day, and it is SUPER heavy, I am not used to this. Could I be pregnant? Could I have a Cyst?.... Stress? ...

Is there something specific I should do to help? Please advice!!

Thank You!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Having prolonged bleeding every two weeks is not a period, it's abnormal vaginal bleeding. Bleeding is definitely not a sign of pregnancy. You need to work with your doctor to find out what is causing the excessive bleeding.
fcl responded:
What kind of tests did your doctor run? Have you had an ultrasound?
samomin4 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
But they are always on time, just the time span of the period are 15 days, were as normally they last about 8 days for me.
samomin4 replied to fcl's response:
Blood test to test for Thyroid and Sugar levels.
No Ultrasound done.
fcl replied to samomin4's response:
If I were you, I'd see a gyn about this (I'm assuming you went to see your family doctor). I'd be very surprised if they didn't do an ultrasound to see what is going on.

Long, heavy periods can indicate a number of things (fibroids, cysts, etc.) and whatever is causing it needs to be dealt with because it's causing you discomfort.

Let us know how things go.
tlkittycat1968 replied to samomin4's response:
Just because they are "on time" doesn't mean they're normal. Bleeding every 15 days is not normal and needs to be checked out by a doctor.
fcl replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I don't think she actually means she bleeds every 15 days. I think she means that she bleeds for about 15 days and then has 15 days with no bleeding and then it starts all over again which is how she can say she has her period on time. It just lasts and abnormal length of time.

It's irrelevant anyway because in both cases she needs it checked out by a gyn (seeing as her doctor only did blood tests).
samomin4 replied to fcl's response:
That is correct fcl.

I did visit the GYN and she did the pap smear, which was normal.

thank you everyone for your inputs and advice! I really appreciate it.
fcl replied to samomin4's response:
Your welcome! However, go back and see your gyn and tell her that telling you everything was ok as far as she could see did not cure your problem and that she needs to look further.

PS - a pap smear does not look for fibroids, cysts, etc. I don't mean to nag but you DO need an ultrasound to find these things.

Good luck!

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