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Knee Pain During Menstruation
JACastillo posted:
I'm 29 and for about the last 8 years, I've been experiencing knee pain during menstruation. I keep track of my cycle very closely and I'm regular. 1 to 2 days before I begin my actual period the knee pain occurs. Once I begin my period, the knee pain ceases. The pain is very severe on certain occasions; it gets to the point where it hurts to walk. When I'm in bed, I have to put a pillow under my knees because it's too painful to straighten my legs. I already had my annual for the year and I forgot to ask my OB/GYN. Any incite to this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Bubblespy responded:
Hi There,

I have the exact same problem and I thought I was alone. Have you found any answers yet??

I have just started looking on the net as I am sick of the pain.

A lot of people are saying endometriosis might be the cause??

Please reply if you have any insight into this pain

_swank_ responded:
Go see an orthopedic surgeon. Your OB/GYN is the wrong doctor to be assessing a knee problem. Severe pain means something is wrong.
An_198004 responded:
I have the same exact problem. Terrible knee pain a couple days before my period, then during. It's sharp pains that make doing anything, whether sitting or standing very uncomfortable. I've been doing some web research and it seems like it might be related to endometriosis, which i already knew i had. I just didn't know this knee pain was related.
Ena77 replied to Bubblespy's response:
I have had this knee pain with my period since I bruised my knee cap about 15 yrs ago, As far as the endometriosis, I don't believe that is the cause. I had surgery a year ago to check for that and I was completely clean.
TracyLynWeb replied to Bubblespy's response:
I have Endometriosis and I have consistently had upper knee pain during menstruation as well. This has been happening for years. Advil helps a bit.
alphaan responded:
I have been having leg and knee pain for years, no dr. could tell me why. My pain became constant and disabling. I almost quit working because the pain became so serve. They tagged me with fibro, but I never really believe that leg pain was due to fibro. My menstrual cycle was pretty much like clock work, but looking back now, it was changing. It became heavy and a bit more often. Just over a year ago my dr. put me on 90 day birth control to correct the heaviness. With this I was able to track my pain, it became timely. I am now figuring my leg pain has always been due to my menstrual system/blood flow. My cycle is now every three months, thanks to the B-control pills And when the cycle gets close that's when my serve leg pains begin. Although during the other times if I over due it, on my legs too much or on cement floors I will have leg pains. A lot of the pain does come at night while I try to sleep, I have found that Vic's vapor rub works for me. If I wake up in pain I rub the vic's all around my knees, soon I fall back asleep. Hope this helps others, as it has been a battle for me, with no help in answers. I now can tell about when the pain will occur and I can mentally tell my self the pain will be gone for awhile in a week or so. Love to all and May God Bless You.

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