Over 3 years - NO period - Am I ovulating?
An_255392 posted:
I a 26 years old with a somewhat complex medical history. However, no one has ever answered or reacted to this question nor factored it into what I am currently dealing with health-wise.

I have not had a period in over three years. I have not been on birth control for three years. Am I still ovulating? Can you ovulate without the bleeding?
I'm worried this is going to lead to fertility issues (more than I already have!)

Anyone experience this??
georgiagail responded:
If you are not menstruating, it is unlikely you are also ovulating.

An_255392 replied to georgiagail's response:
think I could still potentially have a baby one day? (with hormone support)

i realllllllly need to be able to have a baby.... its my last "dream" that I still have a shot at and haven't had to re-access my expectations based on my health....
With the hormone support maybe I would start ovulating? Or am I just gonna have thousands of unfertilized eggs camping out in my ovary for the rest of my life? lol
fcl replied to An_255392's response:
There is also the possibility of donor eggs ...

Given how much this is bothering you, don't you think you should see a doctor to find out what is causing you to not ovulate? It might be something that is easy to remedy.

Good luck