Am I alright?
An_250712 posted:
I have been on birth control the past 4 years. I missed two days of my pill a week and 5 days getting off of my period and had begun my period again. It was a full blown period and not spotting. After catching back up with the two days that I had missed taking the pill, I remained on my period. I am now on day on day 11 of period. ELEVEN--after just getting done having a period 12 days before this one started. I am now on the Placebo pills for my pack. There is no possibility of pregnancy, My boyfriend moved 2 months ago. Am I alright? Do I need to see a Doctor? Is this normal to have a full out period just days after getting off of one and it lasting for over a week? PLEASE HELP

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Should I see a doctor regarding an extremely early and long period while being on the pill for so long?
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fcl responded:
Any time you miss a pill you are at risk of messing up your cycle. Just keep taking your pills as you normally would and let this settle down.